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Investors in new technologies

We are entrepreneurs & hands-on investors in new technologies and fast growing tech markets.

Our participations are bootstrap or angel investor driven

We invest our own capital and/or work together with partners and (angel)investors to fund our tech developments to actively participate and create opportunities focussed rapid growth and return.

Scalable & Fast growth opportunities

We invest in early stage startups with a focus on non-existent tech, market gaps, opportunity for global scalability and future customers being mid size/large enterprises.

Cooperations are key 

Everyone is our potential partner and everyone who has a dream is our potential client. We believe that cooperation and collaboration are the only solution to solve problems, not power play or competition. Our aim is to create strong, innovative brands that are worth exploring.

Funding in layers, with partners. The layercake.

All our projects are self started, first funding out of pocket and we are constantly seeking for investors who partner and add layers to the funding layercake :-).

our collective brain never stands still

Our company is a collective, brainy and creative bunch all striving to make the best possible, ever-evolving products. Nimblicity’s product offering stems from an urge to make things better, by people and for people.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

At Nimblicity Group, we believe fast growth and success has to be our co-partner in whatever we do. We know that some of our ideas may seem unimaginable, but as we grew, we learned that they may only look that way because they are simply ahead of the rest of the world.

We stand for whatever we do. That makes us a reliable partner. We encourage our teams to be honest, work hard and focus on delivering value. Always and uncompromised.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Active Projects


Team Members


Revue Opportunity


Active technologies

Our projects


Nimble is consultancy for digital transition from strategy to realization.
Specializations: (technical) Business Administration, hyper automation & Low Code.


RPA Team is a high standard system integrator for most known RPA solutions.  It focusses on hands on solutions for companies in the SME area. Large enterprises are serviced by Nimble.


How to let the best team, do things best? Combine 3 things: A method, a SAAS and  a certification to actively convert strategy into execution in a real-time manner.


Smartlayer is high productive SAAS based software in the area between standard solutions, legacy software and low code. Definitely with the best price performance.


Communication is the most important success factor in Digital Transformation. Eyewax is a media company providing  high impact productions during transformations.


Botpower opens up Artificial Intelligent Planning for SME's. SAAS based, it integrates with ERP's and enables customers to perform planning at lightning speed and William Tell precision.


DOT builds global software DevOps teams with a best-of-class cadence and quality that consistently exceeds customer expectations.

Our culture, products, and services enable our customers to improve their businesses' digital transformation.


We founded the Bangalore based MNI in 2018. This IT company focusses on high performance development teams and ensures availability of resources, skills and highly motivated staff. 


All research shows: behaviour is the nr.1 reason for failure in digital transformations. Yardstix is a SAAS  focussed on gaining data insight in digital transformations on a global scale.

Are You Open to Participate in Our Projects ?

Are You Open to Participate in Our Projects? Get in touch, let's grab a cup of coffee and give us some time to explain our projects and their potential.

Also if you have a great idea yourself but don't know how t deliver?

We are here to think along and maybe co-invest and develop your idea's.

Succes is only for sharing.

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